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October 29, 2018: Answer from Dr. med. Matthias Menig from the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH – on behalf of the Swiss Federal Council

Dear Mr. Schaub

Thank you for reaching out to Federal Councillor and President Berset. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly explain the accurate facts:

The HTA concerning iron therapy for iron deficiency without anemia is assessed in multiple steps, the first step of which is the assessment of efficacy. We informed you of the associated scope in September 2017. While further analysis is still pending, this part has provided important interim results, which were decisive for the clarification of the health policy issue to be dealt with in the second step. The scope document published in July this year concerns only this health economics part of the HTA. The finished HTA report will contain both efficacy and health economic results and will provide an essential basis for assessing the WZW assessment of iron therapy for iron deficiency without anemia. The responsible Federal Commission will deliberate on this and if applicable make a recommendation on OCP obligations. The Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) will take a decision on the OCP obligation based on this recommendation and if the available facts suggest to do so.

It is therefore not accurate that the WZW assessment has been replaced by a mere degree of economic efficiency. We would therefore like to ask you to check and adjust the information on your websites.

With regard to your question on the SMB report, we would like to take this opportunity to refer to our comments in the FOPH scoping report 2015 (Section 4) as well as to the comments in the 2017 Stakeholder Consultation Report (Section 4). This demonstrates, among other things, that the SMB itself assumes that its own report covers only one aspect of the current HTA question.

Kind regards,

Matthias Mening

Matthias Menig, Dr. med.

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